The focus of Screen for Life is to educate men and women and children about the importance of regular screenings for disease and maintaining healthy lifestyles. We will continue to assess and evolve the range of services we offer in order to best meet the needs of the Morris County community in the future. Among our current initiatives are the following:


• To provide referrals for screenings and treatment through

First Call for Help, 1-800-HELP-555.

• To develop and present seminars to educators, businesses and

community groups and leaders.

• To produce and distribute original video programming to air on television

programs and distribute to community groups and organizations.

• Provide support services to existing health care facilities and

organizations within our area.

• To collaborate with complimentary organizations.


Screen for Life will raise funds for community outreach through:

• Public service announcements (PSAs), publicity, advertising,

and news releases

• Educational seminars and public awareness campaigns